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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Make, Vol. 11, Aug 2007

Make, Vol. 11, Aug 2007

Make, Vol. 11, Aug 2007
PDF | English | 196 pages | 53.1 MB

Make: Technology on your time.

Your own DIY drive-in.

Retro R/C Racer
Use scrap sheet metal and pop rivets to build a model 1930s British Midget racer with modern R/C capabilities.

Vacuum Former
Mold light, durable, and cool-looking 3D parts in your kitchen.

Rotating Bird Feeder
Get awesome avian photos by moving your camera closer to the birds -- and rotating them for the perfect pose.

Solid Geometry
Learn about the five Platonic solids, and then build a stellated dodecahedron lamp.

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