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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fast Lane (2009) | DvDrip Direct Download Mediafire

I was Surprised of the quality of the movie I was mentally prepared for a low Budget, Hand-held, B movie, but not at all...

The BAD: - I hated the character of Anthony Ray Parker (Knight) I don't know if was the actor or the direction or the character... but i simple hated him, very conceived, and cartoony - The cars, are secondary i wish they had a more important role in the movie... and thats it i guess - No car chases :(

The Good: - Really great cars expensive ones, not tricked up like in the Fast and Furious Series, stock. - Very well shot. - The girls are hot, specially Sara Sanderson (ohhh mama) - No cheese dialog (well almost no cheese dialog)


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