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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Traffic Binge -New method to earn money

Welcome To TrafficBinge
We Offer Our Free Members...
A 1 To 1 Surfing Ratio, Cash For Surfing,
And $0.40 A Day In PTC Ads!
Earn 21$ freely...

We can only allow up to 1000 sites a day.
Thats still $1 a day for Pro members, and
$0.30 a day for Free members.
So For free member ,
For 1 Day earning= .30$ (by Surfing)+ .40$ (by PTC)= .70$
for 30 days earnings= .70 * 30=21$$$$$
Refferal commission not calculated yet....
Its Free....
So Join Now..... Click here

If you add it all up, any upgraded member can make the following:
$1 a day from surfing = $30
$0.40 a day from PTC ads = $12
Put that together w/o any referral commissions and you get $42.

Not bad for an upgrade fee of only $20...THATS $22 PROFIT In 1 Month!

So join now...

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